GREE x Shinichiro Inui

【8F – エレガント・ディケイ」


We’ll be introducing the artworks for one of the largest office art projects we’ve ever worked on. Check out the details below.

【8F – Elegant Decay】
Shinichiro Inui’s work is at once chaotic and sophisticated. The physical rips and tears in his work, followed by subsequent repair and layering, can be interpreted as both decay and growth. These fierce abstract expressions make the perfect backdrop for Kureino’s retro-future punk musings on the human condition, while Cyber Okan’s multilayered neon installation brings a streety edge to this elegant-yet-decadent collaboration.

グリー株式会社 / GREE, Inc.

Shinichiro Inui
Cyber Okan aka Akiko Tanago

Artwork Type:
Wall Art, Prints, Neon Lights, Canvas